If my build breaks, couldn't I just roll back the last git commit?

Sometimes a dependency changes and rolling back a git commit won't fix it. Developers rely on external hosting of these packages, and the source of the package might have been changed by the maintainer or even removed entirely (like the left-pad fiasco)! 


How is this different than rolling back package.json and package-lock.json?

In a lot of cases, rolling back your package.json would work. Stable.World is for when that isn't enough. Rolling back package.json assumes that:

  • the package version you want is still available to download
  • the maintainer of the package properly updated the versioning and that rolling it back will give you the version you had before. Unfortunately, a package can change without a version number changing


Could i use this even if i don't use open source?

Stable.World works with all package dependencies, both internal and external. If a company resource was accidentally removed, Stable.World offers the same rollback ability to keep your team working.


How does Stable.World work?

The Stable.World cache operates seamlessly between you and open-source to track all installed packages and when you install them. Every change is cached to a version allowing instant rollbacks to a single point in time.