What is Stable.World?

Simply put, Stable.World helps manage risks associated with using open source packages.

Remember the left-pad fiasco? A popular open source module that contained eleven lines of code was removed from the JavaScript package manager npmjs.org. More than a thousand projects were affected and development halted until the code was restored. Users weren't able to get their build running, even by rolling back git commits.

Stable.World exists to manage that type of risk.

After a quick install, your open source dependencies are monitored and tracked. If your build breaks due to an unexpected change to a dependency, or even the removal of the code from a package manager like npmjs.org, Stable.World has you protected. With a single command you can roll back other repos and websites to when your project was working flawlessly; keeping the project progressing and the team working.

It's like a time machine for your build and deployment.